Daniel Cristian Chiriac was born in Romania in 1972. He paints oils on canvas. The realism, and surrealism are his preferred styles. Chiriac discovered the beauty of old master paintings after an extended period of abstractionism. After becoming more interested by the techniques of the old masters, he gradually abandoned his abstract style to turn towards surrealism. He spends most of his free time with his two daughters and wife. Today, he shares with us his life story as a painter – click this link.

Please tell me the story behind “Till The End Of Time” and the “Last Love of Don Juan”.

These two works of art are among my favorites, not because they have a story.

Daniela, my lovely lady is the subject of “Till The End Of Time”, a love poem painted. The model I used for the painting is Daniela.

It is also a representation of the fading away of time. In the end, it is only love that will matter.

The golden proportion is the first time I have tried to tackle it with a conscious effort. Before or after, I have never done so many calculation for a composition. What’s this to say that love isn’t mathematics? Daniela, a math professor, is my teacher.

Before I started to paint the second piece, I thought about the subject matter for two years. The title of this painting was seen on the street. The play was on stage. Since I did not see the play, my composition is only based on its title. This title inspired me to develop the story around it.

What if Don Juan went to hell even though his final “love”, was not a love?

The answer was that I viewed this with a pre-raphaelistic vision. I did not look at it from a post-modern perspective. He would think about it as if this was his last and what he might have felt. Now, I’m digressing… lets get back to our main story.