Paint can rejuvenate your house. For success, it is important to plan. Painter Woodstock GA will guide you through this painting tutorial – click for source!

Assess, Plan and Prepare: Inspect your home first and identify the paint-needed areas. Examine both sides. List neglected spaces, walls and rooms. Select colors according to a specific color scheme.

Choose the colors that will create the best atmosphere for your home. Be sure to consider the home’s style, its natural lighting, current furnishings, as well as your preferences. For a better idea of the colors you want in your space, collect paint samples. For ideas, you can consult magazines on home decorating, websites and interior designers.

Surface Preparation: To achieve a paint that is smooth, glossy and durable it’s important to prepare the surface. Remove dust, dirt and grease. Fill in holes, cracks, and other defects on the exterior and wall. Sand the roughest spots before you paint. Dry and clean surfaces should be primed before painting.

High-quality paints and equipment will help you achieve professional results. High-quality paint lasts and provides better coverage. The paint finish you choose (matte, satin, gloss) will depend on the area. Use rollers, paintbrushes, or other tools that are appropriate for the area. Good tools help to make an application easier and smoother.

Paint using the appropriate techniques to get optimal results. Paint the smaller areas first and then brush on the larger ones. Allow the paint to dry before adding another layer. If you want a smooth finish, pay attention to the consistency of your strokes. Following the instructions of the manufacturer for recoating and drying is important.

After painting, protect and clean the surface. Removing painter’s tabbing should be done carefully so as not to cause paint damage. Clean your brushes, instruments and surfaces with the appropriate cleaners. Wipe walls, don’t use strong chemicals, or furniture pads.

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