japanese knives brands matter for anyone who loves to cook. Cooking can be a joy with the right equipment. We don’t care much about knives for the casual cook. For my sister and mother, for instance, who cook almost every day of their lives they are comfortable with a basic kitchen knife set. These knives are very important to someone like my professional chef brother-in law or even me, who is a novice chef and cooks only once every two weeks.

There are two main styles of professional knives: Japanese style and German style. They are both great, but very different. It really depends on what you like. Wusthof (the professional “J.A. Henckels” brand). Shuns, Global and other Japanese knives are examples. Both professionals and amateurs have both these types of knives. They may also own multiple brands. There are many places where you can feel knives. Some even sell them. But, a friend’s home may be the best place to pick them up. You might be able practice using them and get a better idea of how you like them.

German-style knives are heavier and more solid. They are robust and sturdy, and will withstand punishment just as well as a German tank. A German chef knife can be used for almost any purpose and is extremely versatile. These are the most widely used knives, while Japanese-style knives were virtually unknown in America until the last few decades.

Japanese knives are lighter, and therefore more multi-purpose. These knives aren’t sharp enough to cut into bone. They also have brittle edges, much like a sword from the samurai. Many Japanese knives are made of layers of steel, similar to swords. German knives tend to have more detailed knives. Japanese knives, on the other hand, are much more like a Porsche or Lotus than German knives.

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